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Dominic - Hunk du Jour

After a brief sabbatical, we are back with a new MySpace Monday! (You know you missed me!) We're coming back strong with Dominic, a cute guy in Tennessee.

Age: 21
Current Location: Jackson, TN
Occupation: Supervisor
Height/Weight: 5'9" & 140
Relationship Status: Single

After the jump see our complete Q&A including why he doesn't dance at clubs anymore, and how you'll go up in his opinion if you play it a little aggressive!

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Dominic - Hunk du Jour

Where are you from originally and what do you think about living in Tennessee?
Jackson born and raised here. I love TN, its so relaxed here! Good people here.

You have to wrestle one of the following three guys. Which one do you have the best chance of taking down? Ryan Phillipe, Matt Damon or Jake Gyllenhaal
Oh man, hmm I'd say Jake just because he seems the most passive out of the group, bet I would have more fun getting beat by Ryan or Matt.

Dominic - Hunk du Jour

What TV show do you watch that you consider your guilty pleasure?
Project Runway! All my friends make fun of me for watching it. Haha. They say it's typicaly gay.

You are on a first date and the guy has a booger showing. Do you say something?
Haha, naw I'd panic. I dont know how to handle those situations very well, I'd probably just start touching my nose a lot and hope he got the hint.

Dominic - Hunk du Jour

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life so far?
Man I got a lot! Most recently I was at a bar in Nashville, slammed three walk-me-downs, then started double fisting beers. Got out on the dance floor tried to go low and fell flat on my behind. I just sat there laughing until a friend picked me up. The next day when I sobered up I was mortified. Haha I don't dance at clubs anymore!

What is the best and worst thing about being a Southern boy?
Worst thing is people assuming I'm not educated because I'm southern. Best thing is I'm not afraid to get dirty and play hard ; )

Will you be voting old, black or bitch? (Inspired by Tina Fey)
None...I'm writing in Stephen Colberts name, he should probably rule the world

Best Whiskey?
Jack Daniels!...Gentleman Jack is soooo smooth and twangy.

Dominic - Hunk du Jour

What do you drink when you go out?
Usually I like to stick to beer, but if good ole budlight isnt doing the trick a Jack and Coke heavy will!

Different people find different things sexy. What do you consider sexy?
I think agressive guys are sexy, haha I dont always act right and I'm extremely stubborn, so if you can put me in my place more than likely you are turning me on

What are you wearing as you read these questions?
Polo pajama pants and abercrombie and fitch boxers

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