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Hunk du Jour is your daily source for photos, interviews, and profiles of noteworthy men -- on a site that is still Mom-friendly. We're a little boy crazy, and hopefully you are too. Over 2.7 million people read Hunk du Jour every year (8.7 million pageviews!)

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All Entries From March 2008

Thad Mills : Trading Spaces Carpenter
Peter Sarsgaard
Coffee Table from Equinox Fitness Ad Not Available at IKEA
Covermodel Calisto Charms Our Readers, Wants To Give Back : Interview
Blake Lewis Debuts New Single on Idol Tonight
Alexsander : Hunk of the Day
Matjaz Bogataj : Hunk of the Day
Josh Wald : Hunk of the Day
Brandon Beemer : Hunk of the Day
Jack Mackenroth Guest Hosts for Charity, Handles Our Balls
Ryan Reynolds : Hunk of the Day
Vincent Zaire Lewis : Hunk of the Day
John Vincent : Hunk of the Day
Evan Wade is not who you think he is!
3/7 Friday TPiRness : The Price is Right Guys
Adrian Bellani : Hunk of the Day
Evan Wadle : Hunk of the Day
Dominic : MySpace Monday
Kris : MySpace Monday
Ryan Diesel : Hunk of the Day
Lawrence King : Public Service Announcement
TeamCHRIS : Hunk of the Day
aussieBum Launches Bamboo, Looks Sexier Than Our Floors
Chris Evans : Hunk of the Day
David : Facebook Friday
Ryan Reynolds : Hunk of the Day
David Beckham as Prince Phillip : Annie Leibovitz
Frankie Fallica Hits The Pages of Genre Magazine
Adrian Bellani : Hunk of the Day
3/14 Friday TPiRness : The Price is Right Guys
Anderson Schneider : Hunk of the Day
Jake Gyllenhaal : Hunk of the Day
Wentworth Miller : Hunk of the Day
Skye Boyland : Hunk of the Day
Stefan Casseus Shows Off His Portfolio, Offers Tips for Yours
Trevor Wright & Brad Rowe : Shelter Surfer Boys
Bobby Boyd : Hunk of the Day
Get your daily fix of Hunk du Jour!
Michael Phelps : Hunk of the Day
Marco Dapper takes a roll in the hills
Dennis : Hunk of the Day
3/21 Friday TPiRness : The Price is Right Guys
Ben Barnes completes the quest to be our Prince
Anth : Hunk of the Day
Drinking Game : Happy Easter!
Anderson Schneider : Hunk of the Day
James Charlton : Hunk of the Day
Jameson Arasi is a Major League Hunk
Brian Scott Allen : Hunk of the Day
Danseur Roberto Bolle : Italian Ballet Artist
Kevin Zegers : Hunk of the Day
Alan Ritchson Soars as a Superhero for Orbit Gum
Checking Out Jim Verraros' Full Package
Mao : David Daniels Photography
The Lane Twins : Music Video Appearance
Paul Walker : Hunk of the Day
Ivan : Hunk of the Day
03/28 Friday TPiRness : The Price is Right Guys
Adam Bouska : Hunk of the Day
DJ Brett Henrichsen : Hunk of the Day
Nick Beyeler : Hunk of the Day
Fantasticmag Comes Undone with Sexy Sweaters
MySpace Monday: Derrick

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