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Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour

Trust me when I say that you have to check out the photography site of Markus Bollingmo. He has some amazing pictures besides the ones that we feature here.

Age: 23
Current Location: Paris, France
Height/Weight: 182cm 55ish kg
Occupation: Erm...
Relationship Status: Single
Found on: MySpace & LiveJournal

What are you currently wearing as you answer these questions?
I'm naked and I swear I'm not making it up to be suggestive. I'm straight out of the shower and waiting for my lotion to dry.

Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour

What is it about Pokemon that you love?
I love the traditional games for Gameboy and DS, and I don't know. I like the light hearted nature of it all. I haven't really thought about it before...

You ask in your blog if you are the only one that thinks the Jonas Brothers should get it on. Do you like just their look or their music as well?
I've never heard their music so I don't know :P

What do you think the chances are that 1 or more of the Jonas Brothers will turn out to be a Mo?
Same chances as with other boys I guess?

Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour

How bad ass do you think MIA is?
She's one of my favorite artists. I wish there were a lot more like her.

What do you do for fun in Paris?
Chill with friends. Boring answer I guess, but there you go.

How is dating life in Europe?
It's more casual. We don't have the 'first date, second date' etc. People just meet and then meet some more.

Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour

How much do people in Paris hate Americans?
I guess a lot of people agree with me when I say that while Americans are disliked as a group, they are liked as individual people. I don't know if that makes sense to you.

We don't post "butt" pictures, but you have some great ones. Blessed or do you work at it?
Thanks :) I just know how to work what I have I guess?

I'm currently addicted to UK Pop and rarely listen to US radio stations. Who should I be listening to that I may not have heard of?
You probably already know Sugababes and Girls Aloud. Popjustice is a good blog if you want to keep up with UK pop music.

Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour

How many pictures do you take a week?
I don't know. Sometimes a lot and sometimes hardly any at all.

Tell us something about yourself that isn't currently found on the web.
I haven't called my mother in more than two weeks and I feel a bit bad about about it. But then again, she hasn't called me either.

Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour

Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour
Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour
Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour
Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour
Markus Bollingmo - Hunk du Jour

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