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John Kellum - Hunk du Jour

Age: 23
Current Location: Downtown Baltimore
Relationship Status: Single :(
Currently Wearing: A green t-shirt and brown corduroys (I kinda look like shaggy from scooby doo right now lol)
Height/Weight: 5' 7" / 130 lbs.
Occupation: Co-manager of a grocery store by day and singer/songwriter by night.
Found On: MySpace and his MySpace Artist's Page

John Kellum - Hunk du Jour

How would you describe your musical style?
Experimental, raw, and colorful.

If you could do a duet with anyone dead or alive whom would you pick?
Lisa Marie Presley because she's such an amazing songwriter, I wish I was half as great as she is. Plus she has a raspy bluesy voice as I have, they would compliment each other splendidly.

What makes vintage porn so much better?
It's very rare that I find modern day beefcakes or twinks attractive if at all. You know that saying "they don't make em like they used to..." yeah, well I agree!

Why do you think gay guys love the movie Amelie so much?
I never thought of Amelie being a classic "gay" movie, although thinking about it, an exboyfriend was the one to introduce me to that movie. I'd like to think intellectual gays see the movie as an inspiration to live, learn, and most importantly love!

What musical instruments do you play?
I play around with my guitar and harmonica usually after a few shots of whiskey. But I'm more so into the production side of music. Usually the band (Broken Wheels) writes and records everything separtely. I am the one that adds the beats, blends it all together, along with adding Athena's & my vocals and it's magical music.

You can only have one the rest of your life...vitamins or vodka?
Well I've pretty much sworn off vodka for good due to the fact I was at a gay bar in D.C. with some friends, I had consumed way too much greygoose for a little guy like myself. Ended up getting out of the taxi cab and walking up to this dude from another cab that was drunk and cursing at us, and I opened the door and sucker punched him in the face. Well he got out of the cab and got me right back. the next thing I remember is waking up in my apartment the next morning, having to throw up... then looking in the mirror and discovering I had a black eye and a broken nose. I'm still paying for the reconstructive surgery I had to have.

So let's say I'm gonna stick with vitamins, which are not as harmful to yourself or others.

What is life in Baltimore like? Do you wake up every morning to the sound track from Hairspray?
Hahaha, I never used to like Baltimore until I grew up and discovered the culture and rich history it has. I was just a white boy living in the projects, but once I got out and was able to do things for myself and move downtown in a beautiful apartment on the 29th floor with a view like you would not believe... How can you not wake up singing "Good Morning Baltimore"?

Who is the most over-rated musician out there today?
I would say at the moment it would be Amy Winehouse, and rightfully so. I hate that the majority of the attention that's created around her is mainly due to the fact she's dealing with serveral substance addictions. I hope she can clean herself up a bit and get back to writing and singing because she has one hell of a voice.

You just opened a restaurant. What kind of food does it serve?
Well I would hope to god that my mate would run the restaurant and I could just be in charge of the bar or something because I have no culinary skills whatsoever. If there were a restaurant strictly based off of my favorite foods, the main course would be PB&J sandwiches with a side of Doritos.

What do you normally do on a Sunday?
I like to wake up to a cup or two of coffee, watch CBS Sunday Morning (because it's the only news program that is about 'good' news), I check out the internet for awhile, do some laundry, go take a walk by myself, grocery shop, make some dinner (PB&J sandwiches lol), watch a dvd, and get myself ready for work in the am. Just unwind, I like the simple kind of life.

John Kellum - Hunk du Jour

John Kellum - Hunk du Jour
John Kellum - Hunk du Jour
John Kellum - Hunk du Jour
John Kellum - Hunk du Jour
John Kellum - Hunk du Jour
John Kellum - Hunk du Jour
John Kellum - Hunk du Jour
John Kellum - Hunk du Jour

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