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D'Michael, CitizenDangerX - Hunk du Jour

We've been keeping an eye on the Gay Bloggies competition (Caution: click with caution!) and have a few folks that we'd like to see win it all... however, when it came down to picking someone to endorse we've gone with D'Michael from CitizenDangerX.

Not only is he our hometown player (both CitizenDangerX and Hunk du Jour are Seattle-based), but he's also going to be donating half of the prize money to charity. We love supporting good causes, so I'm announcing that if D'Michael hits 1st or 2nd place, I will donate $150.00 to both American Lung Association and amFAR as well!

Check out the Gay Bloggies, and especially D'Michael. He's sent us a few more exclusive photos after the jump.

P.S. We're really loving Ernie from Little. Yellow. Different. and Fausto from Feast of Fools too. It's a tough choice.

UPDATE: D'Michael was on the Derek & Romaine Show tonight (Thursday 11/29, Sirius OutQ) and talked about being the Hunk du Jour. While nobody really is the Hunk du Jour for 24 hours anymore, we wanted to give you a few more hours on top. Good luck this week and thanks for the shout-out!

D'Michael, CitizenDangerX - Hunk du Jour

D'Michael, CitizenDangerX - Hunk du Jour

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