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Dlist Bobby - Hunk du Jour

Age: 20
Current Location: Visiting my parents in New Jersey
Occupation: Student and badass bohemian wanna-be
Relationship Status: single as a closet-case
Wearing as you Answer: Areopostale Jeans (yea $20 dollar sale), a waffle material long sleeve shirt, a pea coat, and my newly died black hair.
DList Profile:

Dlist Bobby - Hunk du Jour

What is your favorite TV show from your childhood?
Hmm, well. Seeing as I was an addict of television, this is very difficult to answer...I am going to have to go with Tiny Toon Adventures (despite having Duck Tales on my page)

What gives you the most comfort in your life currently?
Oddly enough.... the smell of clean clothes.... I don't ever feel very comforted in life. But if I smell clean clothes it means that I'm in a super power mode, and things are going my way.... or I'm with a guy who smells great. Either way, I win.

Dlist Bobby - Hunk du Jour

If you could have one part of your body massaged every day what would you have rubbed? Keep it clean...
I would love to have my whole body "clean"ed and massaged every day, but, since I have to choose, I'll go with my feet. It's a Pisces thing, and every spot on the foot relates to a part in the body.

You classify yourself as an artist, musician and actor. Care to share your talents? Which do you love the most and what type of artist?
Well, my guitar and I are lovers, and it is also my baby. Odd? Possibly. Incestuous? More than likely. Worth the paradox? More than you'll ever know.

I also write poetry, perform spoken word, act in plays and ensembles, do improve, and work behind the scenes on theatre productions.
My main things right now though are poetry and singer/songwriter.

At what age should people be allowed to drink alcohol? What about has sex?
Drinking is difficult. I think you need to go through some life sober to get an understanding on why people DO drink. I like 19. You've spent at least one year as an adult in the eyes of the now know why you need to drink. Also, if you're allowed to die for your country, then you should be allowed to be a horrible drunken mess inside your country.

Dlist Bobby - Hunk du Jour

As far as sex, a very unique director of mine explained it once. As she was teaching a middle-school sex Ed class, "If you are mature enough to go to your partner and say 'Hey, I think I might have an STI, we should go get checked.' Then you're ready to have sex." I could not agree more...PS, fuck abstinence only education

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far in your life?
Well I hope I haven't achieved my greatest accomplishment OF MY LIFE yet, but I believe so far it$ was going up and asking for someone's phone number and getting it. I've done a lot of "greater" things...but this one was really monumental for me. I've come a LONG way to get to the point where I can tell someone they are cute, and then ask for their yea, that made me smile.

When you are looking for a guy what is the first thing you look for?
Hmm..... well I'm not going to lie...physical aspects are really important (tall, thin, toned, dark features, five o'clock shadow are all great).... but if I am looking for a relationship...they have to be weird and appreciate my weirdness. I like saying random things in random voices, saying extremely ridiculous things, and making a fool of myself. If they can't get down with then, then they generally don't get a second date.

Boxers or briefs?
For sleeping...naked...for my daily use.... I choose the combo.... boxer-briefs are my favorite. Though, if you show me a guy who can hotly rock a pair of boxers... then they have a little piece of my heart.

Dlist Bobby - Hunk du Jour

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