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Steven - Hunk du Jour

Age: 20
Occupation: Student / telemarketer
Relationship Status: Coupled
Height/Weight: 136 pounds / 5'7"
Current Location: Massachusetts
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You state you don't eat fast food or watch do you survive?
Well I cheat ~ Netflix (which is basically TV) and power bars (which is almost candy)

Have you always lived in Boston?
I grew up on a blueberry farm in NH with my parents and two siblings. I moved to Boston two years ago for school.

Now that you live there are you required to also listen and like the band Boston?
I can't say that I do; However, I do enjoy a couple lesser-known Boston bands: The Dresden dolls and Victory At Sea.

You are a premed student, a clinical psychology major and hope to someday be an oncologist. I'm always convinced that I have cancer and a friend of mind is convinced that he has syphilis...what does that say about us?
Well, clearly, you are both very very ill. *smile

What is your view on assisted suicide for patients that want to go peacefully?
In principle I feel that one's life should always be in their own hands. Therefore, if a patient would like to end their suffering and their life I support that. However, it is against the Hippocratic oath for a physician to carry out that request. Physicians our bound by a code of ethics, and I feel it imperative that that code be maintained.

We run a site that's main focus are hot guys. What would Freud say about us?
He would have said that your father was a sissy-boy, but since modern psychology says Freud was a quack, I wouldn't take it to heart. (Unless, its true *smile)

Do you have any secret single behavior? Something that you always do alone, but you wouldn't really brag to people about it. Mine is eating ice cream in bed.
I watch Queer As Folk while I run on the treadmill.

What is your favorite thing to bake?
Birthday Cake - (always better and more fun than any other type of cake)

When was the last time that you got totally wasted?
Well there is just plain wasted, and there is inappropriately inexplicably wasted. That was on the 4th of July, (but hey it was a holiday in the middle of the week . . .)

Steven - Hunk du Jour

Steven - Hunk du Jour

Steven - Hunk du Jour

Steven - Hunk du Jour

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