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Ryan Reynolds from the Amatyville Horror - Hunk du Jour

Hey gang -- I hope that your Halloween has not been TOO spooky yet. I think I've decided on what I want to go out as on Halloween... Ryan Reynolds. Every time I stumble across these photos again I'm rendered defenseless... he could ask me to kill someone and all I'd be able to ask is, "How?"

What's kind of fantastic about Halloween this year is that since it falls right in the middle of the week, the real hard-core Halloween fans get at least three partying opportunities -- the weekend before, the day of, and the weekend after. I can only hope this year that the preponderance of "slutty" girl costumes is met with an equal dose of "slutty" guy costumes. (Send photos! Haha.)

Be safe and smart out there tonight -- don't go bowling packs of 8-year-old SpongeBobs in your race to the bars. =)

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Ryan Reynolds - Hunk du Jour

Ryan Reynolds - Hunk du Jour
Ryan Reynolds - Hunk du Jour

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