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Jesse - Hunk du Jour

Age : 23
Current Location : Los Angeles, CA
Relationship Status : Single
Height/Weight : 5'9", 150 lbs.
Found On : MySpace

What are you wearing as you answer these questions...don't lie!
Ha-ha, just a pair of boxers. It's warm and sunny today!

Which of the following celebrities is most likely to get their act together and still be in the public eye in five years?

Paris Hilton
Lindsay Lohan
Britney Spears
Amy Winehouse

Unfortunately, I think Britney is over. I was just watching some old music videos of her, and it's sad to think how much she's changed (and not for the better). She'll still be around, going to Starbucks and Taco Bell, but I don't think she'll ever fully recover. Not that I won't buy her new album - just out of curiosity! I'm going with a personal favorite on this one: Lindsay Lohan. Because no matter how messed up she is, she has real acting talent. I hope she's working in five years, making movies more like "Mean Girls" and less like "Just My Luck."

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

Who do you think was really at fault Reese or Ryan?
Ryan! Reese is just a lovely person and he cheated on her, right? How can you not love Reese Witherspoon - she's a cute, smart and loving mother that won on Oscar. Team Reese!

Brad or Jennifer?
That's tough. I love Jennifer Aniston, but I don't hate Brad Pitt. I think he could've handled the break-up better - like, waited longer to really "be" with Angelina Jolie. I guess it's hard when you're constantly being followed everywhere, but still. I enjoy "Friends" too much to side with Brad.

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

What do you do for work in LA?
I used to write for and help edit a film magazine, and now I write for a celebrity blog - classy, I know, but it pays well. Still trying to write movie/TV scripts because that's what I really want to do.

When was the last date that you went on?
Hmm, well I recently got out of a serious relationship and I've only dated two guys (briefly) since then. Probably a couple weeks ago? It's been fun just going out with friends recently, but I'm a relationship-type person, so in the end that's still what I want. It's not necessarily hard to meet good people, but making any relationship last is always a challenge.

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

I have had a crush on Paul Newman since I was little. What about him makes him your hero?
He seems like such a perfect family man. The perfect wife and kids. Plus all his charity work and long list of amazing film performances. I feel like he's had such a happy, fulfilled life - so I hope I do, too!

Did you find the catcher in the rye to be uplifting or depressing?
Both. I've read it a couple times, at different ages. That's what's great about it. There's so much going on in that story, and in the central character. I always feel inspired after reading it, and that keeps me coming back.

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?
Whatever number that's not embarrassing? Heh, I dunno, maybe three or four times. Or twenty. No comment!

Is it better to be a crybaby or never show your emotions?
It's definitely safer to never show your emotions, but if we all did that, how would we ever know what anyone else was thinking or feeling?

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

What do you want to be doing in 5 years?
Directing films or writing them!

What is your favorite movie trailer that is out right now?
"Margot at the Wedding." I like Nicole Kidman, so I'm hoping she's great in this!

Jesse - Hunk du Jour

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