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Andrew - Hunk du Jour

There are tons of different words to describe guys. They can be hot, cute, sexy, adorable etc. Andrew can look adorable in one picture and down right sexy in another. Pretty impressive! Now you can learn just a little bit more about this cutie.

Age: 19
Current Location: New York
Relationship Status: Single & Happily So.
Find Him On: Dlist

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. My Mom lives in San Mateo, about a half hour south of San Francisco, and my dad lives a litter farther away in Sonoma, up in the wine country.

So you grew up there and moved to upstate New York for school at Cornell?
Yeah. It was a bit of a culture/climate shock. The extent of which I'm only beginning to understand.

You are studying architecture. Have you always been interested in that?
In some form or other yeah, since kindergarten.

Do you think that it is important for those interested in architecture to travel the world?
Absolutely. So much of architecture is the pure physical experience of a space, and no amount of words, photographs, plans, and videos can ever fully encompass that. I've been to Canada, Japan, France and England. Japanese architecture by far is my favorite. I've always had a love affair with the Japanese aesthetics.

You consider yourself a linguophile. What is your FAVORITE word?
Oh god - that's a good question. Omphaloskepsis is definitely up there: "The contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation".

I really love language - and it's a real turn on to listen to someone speak eloquently. Not that I advocate for the everyday use of words like "omphaloskepsis" -- It is hard to slip that into a conversation without sounding like an asshole -- but someone correctly using appropriate and ever-so-slightly esoteric words really excites me.

Andrew - Hunk du Jour

One of the things I liked about your dlist profile was your view on "Straight Acting" or "Masculine". What do you think that does to the gay community?
I think it's divisive and it encourages people in our already small (by comparison to the other option) community to further separate from one another. It perpetuates sexism and gender stereotypes that we sometimes cling to even more tightly than straight people.

So do you think it is ok to say that a person has a "type"?
I mean, the terminology is sort of troublesome and limiting, but the concept that every person has certain physical/emotional characteristics that do and don't appeal sexually is impossible to deny. And that's not in itself a bad thing.

Do you have physical/emotional characteristics that you are drawn to (notice how I didn't say type)?
Well, I have wide tastes, but common qualities I find attractive: physically well-maintained, intelligent, eloquent, funny, easy-going, but it's actually often hard for me to predict who I'll find attractive

For example, as a rule I tend to prefer guys without facial hair but on some guys it's extremely sexy.

Andrew - Hunk du Jour

What are you wearing this exact second?
Oh god... can I go change before I answer this question?
I've been studying all day (read: surfing facebook) so I'm wearing a grey polo and sweatpants (and green and grey striped boxer briefs).

What do you go to sleep wearing?
Nothing, although I try to stay covered up for the sake of my straight roommate

What was your favorite toy as a child?
Legos, legos legos legos!!! I know, how stereotypical.

When was your last boyfriend?
Last December was I think when we broke up. I'm not really after anything serious at this point in my life. I stopped dating with the intention of finding an LTR after I broke up with the last one because I knew I was leaving so soon, and since getting to college haven't been in much of a mood to start looking again and don't really have time as an architecture student either.

Last time you got to 3rd base?
Haha, Well how are we defining 3rd base - I find that particular set of terminology to be regionally variable lol. It would have been last weekend in NYC.

Andrew - Hunk du Jour

Andrew - Hunk du Jour

Andrew - Hunk du Jour

Andrew - Hunk du Jour

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