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I had a birthday yesterday and to celebrate I am featuring one of my favorite people. Justin is one of the most genuine people that I know and we love him. Now you can see why!

Age: 26
Current Location: Downtown Seattle, WA, USA, Planet Earth,
The Milky Way Galaxy, Zeptron Quadrant, the 7th circle of Heck.
Relationship Status: Single.
MySpace Profile:

Where did the nickname Sippy come from?
The nickname is derived from the technique in which I consume alcoholic beverages, I drink slowly. Also when I drink at my friends' houses then I am required to drink from a sippy cup so that I don't spill on myself or cause harm or damage to property or to other peoples. C'mon Drink Safely!

You grew up Mormon. What is your take on Mormons or on religion in general at this point in your life?
I'm a spiritual ex-Mormon that enjoys the sweet harmonies of devil music; alcohol and R- rated movies (who doesn't). I grew up in the L.D.S. church and went to church every Sunday until I was 24 and I still respect it but I decided that I like boys too much to continue on this path of righteousness. For me then I didn't relate to any other Mormons, I found it to be a very depressing and repressed way of living. I respect all churches and religious concepts. I don't think of myself as being deeply religious, I do believe in being spiritual; I think organized religion has good intentions but generally religion has a very poisonous effect on people. Basically I believe you don't need to go to church to be a good person.

You live in Downtown Seattle. What do you think about living in the heart of the city and where else would you want to live?

I've lived in Seattle just over a year now and I love it, I've never been happier living anywhere else. I don't have to fuss with having a car because everything's within walking distance. (My commute to work is only a 5-minute walk). If I were to move then I most definitely want to live in London and then Paris. And someday I hope to party on down to Australia or live in New York City, I want to experience living on the east coast. I also think eventually the way the world is headed then it would be very appealing to live in outer space; or at least get me off this planet until the bush administration leaves office.

What are the best thing about living in Seattle and the worst thing about it?
The best thing about living downtown is the energy, I can't put it into words but I like how there's so much going on. I like walking around downtown and people watching. The worst thing about living downtown is the gosh-dang futhamucking! Ten-story parking garage across the street from my apartment on 1st ave that partially obstructs the right hand-side of my view of the waterfront / Elliott Bay. - Bugger I wish the parking garage would go away! Other than that life downtown is pretty blissful.

What is your drink of choice?
I'll wet my whistle with whatever's available. If I'm feeling classy then I enjoy a fine glass of red wine. Or if I'm out getting my drink on then I prefer Absolute Pear and soda with a splash of Cranberry juice. I do heart my Jesus juice.

Of all of our friends you are the most affectionate (in a good and not a dirty way). Was your family all hugs and kisses when you were growing up or just the opposite?
I had a very nurturing family; my family is all about giving hugs. If you break it all down cosmically and psychologically then I'm just an attention starved LEO, and I like giving hugs. And I'm especially friendly when I'm getting my drink on. Huggles and bubbles, CHEERS!

What do you want to be doing in 5 years? Where do you see yourself?
In 5 years I want to be settled down with a brilliant hunk with some nice orally challenging junk. I don't like to know what I'll be doing 5 minutes from now, so forget about 5 years. I really like to have a nice mixture of having things perfectly planned without feeling too rushed. In the end I want to build a house of my own design on a nice island or piece of well-established waterfront estate. I think in the end what matters is the people that you surround yourself with. Good people = good times. Perhaps in 5 years I would love to be able to afford to fly my friends on a trip around the world.

What do you typically do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?
On Sundays I have Sunday dinner with my family in Bellevue. Or I like to keep it simple and watch a movie at home, spending time with friends, going to a concert every now and then or taking a ferry ride to Bainbridge. Sunday is a great day for exploring a different area of a city, looking for new restaurants or place that I've never been to before. By and large Sundays are best spent recovering from the weekend.

You love music. If you could only listen to three CDs for the rest of your life which three artists would make the cut?
Presuming that I couldn't have my iPod with me then I would make an extensive plethora CD mix of Radiohead, Weezer, and I could survive on the sounds of Scottish band TRAVIS for the rest of my life.

Radiohead-OK Computer-To me this album is one of the great masterpieces of all time.
Weezer-The Blue Album-This album is what got me through high school.
TRAVIS-The Man Who / and the Singles-Greatest hits CD = feel good music.

Who is new out there that you love to listen to?
DJ Fedde Le Grand and The Cribs. Check them out!

How would you describe your musical taste?
Musically I'm all over the place, but if you want to get really nitty gritty then surprisingly I mostly listen to a good healthy dose of sad miserable British Alt Rock. Really though there's a bit of good in every type of genre, of any music.

Have you ever made out in a bathroom?
My friend from Germany visited a couple of summers ago and we met for lunch and decided to find a public bathroom for a 'what-what and a how-do-you-do', and we made started making out and then became better acquainted. Take it from me; Sippy's Bathroom Tip #1: If you're going to mess around in a bathroom then make sure that it's not one that's frequented often. It's a more titillating experience with fewer interruptions of other people walking in and out. When it gets down to it then the bathroom can be a magical place to frolic and kick up your heels.

Have you ever made out with someone that you totally regret kissing?
Do we even have to go there? Whatever!! =) I have no regrets; let's just say that I learn from my mistakes mmkay!

Sippy - Hunk du Jour

Sippy - Hunk du Jour

Sippy - Hunk du Jour

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