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A friend of mine forwarded me this video and I thought it was going to be a joke or some really bad singing. Wow, was I surprised! Not only are they both adorable, but they can sing! I have to say that I love Brit, but was not a big fan of the song. I now love the song and think they did a great job with it. You have to check out their music on their MySpace artist page. So far I have liked everything that I have heard. I had to track them down and have them answer some questions. Enjoy!

Age: 20 (21 on October 2!)
Occupation: Student/Musician
Relationship Status: Both Single
Height/Weight: Eric 5'7 135 lbs // Todd 5'8 135lbs
Current Location: Bothell, WA

Besides each other do you have any other siblings?
We have an older brother Joey, and an older Sister Kristen. They are both 27, although they're not twins. Joey was our mom's son from a previous relationship and Kristen was our Dad's daughter, also from a previous relationship. We kind of had our own version of the Brady Bunch!

Are you out to your family and how did they take it?
We are out to all of our family. Our parents, sister and brother, and the rest of the family were all extremely supportive. Some even started being proactive in advocating gay rights. Our situation is one that we feel extremely grateful for, but sadly know that too many gay people our age have less fortunate experiences with coming out.

Do you guys both have the same taste in guys?
Sometimes we share a physical attraction for the same guy, but Eric tends to be drawn to the tall/dark/handsome type while Todd gravitates towards the surfer/California boy look. Personality however is one thing we both agree on completely when meeting guys. We love quirky/nerdy/funny and confident guys!

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Which one is the better singer? How about musician?
Our voices have some different qualities, so it's hard to say who is better. Eric sings with a more raspy/rock/soul style. Todd on the other hand has the sweet/gentle/angelic quality. Eric has been playing guitar for 4 years, and Todd has only recently picked up Bass guitar, so instrumentally Eric has more experience. However, Todd is an amazing lyricist with a lot of potential in his bass playing. Together we balance out and have a sound we really love to experiment with.

Which of you is luckier in love?
Well, we're both single right now so obviously we both have seen our share of bad luck in that department. Everyone at some point does. We've each had one particular relationship that lasted pretty long, but ended after the young/naive/idealistic mindset began to take its affect. Right now we are just enjoying dating and meeting new people. Our companionship with each other is good enough for us!

Do you like Britney's song or did you just think you could do it better?
We are both very big fans of Britney. Her version is amazing, and our video was really just the result of a boring rainy day and a curiosity of seeing whether or not we could figure it out on guitar. We love our version, but sometimes almost feel bad when people comment that our version is better. It is flattering hearing that though. Can't deny that it's a great thing to hear you've taken one of your idol's songs and done it in a way that impresses people!

How long have you lived in the Seattle area? If you could live anywhere which city would you pick?
We have lived in the Seattle area all our lives, except for our freshman year of college where we attended a school in New York City. We loved it, and it would most definitely be home if it weren't so expensive to live there!

Have you both tried out for American Idol before?
We tried out for the last season of American Idol. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Out of the 10,000 contestants trying out in Seattle, we made it to the top 100. We were obviously thrilled, but after continuing on, it became increasingly obvious that this was hardly a singing competition. Just like all "reality" shows, there's very little real anything on the show.

How important is singing/performing to you?
Singing and performing is literally the driving force behind everything we do. Since a very young age we were putting on little shows, singing all around the house, and wanting nothing more than to have an audience at any given time. Our mom will be the first one to tell you that.

If you could actually record with any artist whom would you choose?
Eric: I would love to record with Michael Jackson. As crazy as the man is, he is an incredible musician and entertainer. It would be interesting to experiment with some acoustic versions of his songs, or come up with some hybrid style of rock/pop/R&B.
Todd: This is an extremely difficult question! Off the top of my head though, I've always thought it would be fun to record and collaborate with Shania Twain. She has a great sense of melody and as a lyricist I definitely admire her ability to let loose and let the words flow so smoothly. Not to mention "Man I Feel Like a Woman" is one of my biggest musical guilty pleasures!

If you had to have sex with another set of siblings which of the following would you pick? Mary Kate & Ashley, Venus & Serena Williams, Ashley & Jessica Simpson
Mary Kate and Ashley hands down! When we were little, we owned every single one of their videos! "Double-Trouble, Toil and Trouble" is genius! Ok, so maybe its not "Full House" quality, but I'm sure they'd be fun to roll around in bed with! The real question is which twin gets which twin!

Dammann Twins - Hunk du Jour

Dammann Twins - Hunk du Jour

Dammann Twins - Hunk du Jour

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