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MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

Age: 25
Current Location: San Jose, CA
Relationship Status: Pending? lol
Height/Weight: 5'11"/165lbs
Occupation: Music Artist/Student

You are currently in school as well as trying to follow your dream of being a musician. How have you been able to do both?
When you are passionate about things in life, you make time for the love you have for them. Whether or not that is energy invested in a person or thing, you make time.

Learning is all part of the craft. If I just wrote music without continuing my education I think I would run out of things to say. Or they may just be the same redundant concepts. BUT, with learning and continuing education about anything and everything, you can apply that to the things you are most passionate about and it molds your work and what you stand for in life. It is all part of the game.

Looking at your MySpace page it looks like you have a bf. How long have you and Aaron been together? He is pretty adorable. things with Aaron...that is what I mean by pending. It is actually a really difficult subject that isn't over, but is naturally progressing. As we both still love each other more than words can allow me to express, there has been a lot of hiccups that make it difficult. I would do anything for him and he has fought for me in more ways than one. He is completely it for me. Okay... as I said it was a difficult subject, I will leave it at that.

Noticed that you have Imogen Heap on your MySpace page. I love her music. Besides her whom else do you recommend that we check out?
Ooooh, I love Imogen. She is brilliant. Well on my myspace I have some people I really respect musically. If you like Imogen Heap then you NEED to check out Kate Havnevik, Milosh, Natalie Walker, Elisa, and The Kin. These artists all have songs that just move me underneath. They are amazing and very nice people that I have had the chance to spend a little time with.

You have four songs that people can check out on your page. I have a favorite, but of the four, which is your favorite. If our readers were only going to listen to one, which should it be? has their personal tastes. Well, at this time maybe "The Permanent Stain." I say this because it's about those things that mold us and never let go even if we don't want to remember them. They are marked on us like a tattoo...a map of where we have been.

Are you from the California area or did you just end up there from school?
I have live here all my life, but I think I am relocating to Austin, TX. I need a live music scene. I need to play more. I need a new beginning to my life. Though I love the bay area of California, it is the only place I have lived in. I have traveled all around the world and experienced many new things, but I haven't stayed put. It is time.

What is the one thing that you would like people to know about you as they discover your music for the first time?
That it is meant to make you "feel" whatever you want to. Just allow yourself to feel something. Even if it's sadness, hurt, happiness, anger, love, peace...whatever! I don't think many of us allow ourselves to just feel sometimes. I get a lot of feedback that my material inspires people to do something, and that is amazing. It moves me that what I do moves people. It's beautiful.

I know what I feel when I hear some of my favorite artists. I want to keep that beauty going so that people who experience what I bring to the table can feel the same.

It's about connection, communication, learning, and experience. It is about loving ALL of it and regretting none of it.

Do you have anything big planned for the rest of 2007?
Well, my big plans are to get up on out of here. 2007 has been a big year for sure...the biggest yet. I think every year should be bigger and better than the last though, and I make sure my time is well spent. There are too many amazing things to be had.

I also plan on taking the next step musically. It is time to jump.

If you could do a duet with anyone in the world who would you pick? know, for some reason, I have always wanted to sing with Mandy Moore. lol. I just think we could compliment each other's sound. With her newer musical styles, I think it would mesh well. BUT, there are so many artists out there that I would love to share a song with. Why choose one when everyone has something different to communicate? That's what I say.

Be sure to check out his MySpace Music Page.

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

Derek's Big Snake - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

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