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MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

I have to admit that I have just a slight crush on today's MySpace Monday. Not sure why, but I find him totally adorable! I was very happy when he answered some of my silly little questions!

Can be found at:

Age: 24
Occupation: Reality TV Casting Director
Relationship Status: Single
Height/Weight: 5'10'' 135lbs.
Current Location: West Hollywood, CA (but will live and die a Chicago boy ;) )

What are you wearing right this second?
A pair of Ginch Gonch underwear and Diesel jeans

You state you are a reality TV whore. Guess are we!! If you could only watch one for the rest of your life which would it be?
Oh God....that's like asking me to choose between family members!!! Ok, I'll say Big Brother because it's on 3 days a week so there will always be LOTS of episodes to watch! Plus there's lots of nakedness on that show ;)

Whom do you hate and whom do you want to win?
Jen is a sad excuse for a human being, and Kail has proven herself to be a horrible player. I have a soft spot for Daniele and I'm waiting for Jameka to make a great move that gets me to root for her.

If you watch So You Think You Can Dance - Whom do you love?
My favs always get kicked off the show so early! My first fave was Jessi, then Sara grew on me big time. But with the people left I'm going to have to crown Lacey as the winner.

Is there really a casting couch and if so could you save us a spot?
Hahaha.... what happens in my office stays in my office ;)

Besides those American Idol kids, which Reality TV star, really should be a star?
Janelle from Big Brother is entertainment for days! Love that bitch.

If you could live anywhere in the world where wouldit be?
Chicago is hands down the greatest city in the world and it's where I plan to spend most of my life but I want to live lots of places. My Top 5 would be: Edinburgh, Nashville, Sydney, Southern Ireland and Austin, TX

If you had to pick a celebrity to be the next president of the US, whom would you pick?
Kelly Clarkson! I actually have a shirt that says CLARKSON / AGUILERA in 08

If you could be invisible for an entire day what would you do?
Can I teleport places? If so I would definitely stop into the Big Brother house, Kelly Clarkson's house, Jake Gyllenhaal's house and a porn set.

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MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

MySpace Monday - Hunk du Jour

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