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So You Think You Can Dance, Season 3 Cast - Hunk du Jour

Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance is taking off... (Clockwise, from Top-Left) Cedric, Danny, Dominic, Jimmy, Pasha, Neil, Kameron, Hok, and Jesus (center) star with their partners in this fantastic dance competiton show.

These aren't some celebrities that started practicing a few weeks ago for the show -- these kids have been dancing for years. While each comes from a background ranging anywhere from breakdancing to ballroom, they each are assigned a genre of dance and a professional choreographer to work with. They only have a few days to learn their new dance before being thrust back in front of a national audience who holds their fate in their hands.

We love our reality tv like Big Brother (oooh, wee... July 5th can't come soon enough!) but there's something great about a show that really comes down to quality of performance. It's something I enjoy about Project Runway too -- the judges end up deciding who was the most talented, and it's not (entirely) a popularity contest.

Anyway -- we love the show and think you should watch it. There's a good chance one or all of the men above will be ripping their shirts off at some point.

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