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International Model Patrick Ribbsaeter - Hunk du Jour

Name: Patrick Ribbsaeter
Height/Weight: 185cm / 76 kg
Orientation: Straight

Where did you grow up as a child?
I was born in Jakobsberg, Sweden (north of Stockholm) with my mother and two sisters. I moved to the west coast(Gothenburg) at the age of 13 to live with my father I'm very close to today.

What language was spoken at home? Did you learn Thai and Swedish? How many languages do you speak now?
My mother tongue is Swedish. My mother wanted me to learn Thai at younger age, but I was never interested because I was always out playing with my friends. Since I started to work as a model I've been able to have the opportunity to learn so many different languages. I was based in Barcelona, Spain, in 2000 (where they, of course, speak Spanish.)This became very useful to me once I started to travel as Spanish is the second most useful language in the world (after English.) I can now speak and understand around 9 languages.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a soccer player since I was a child. I was also very involved with ice hockey and wanted to be a professional goalie. In fact I wanted to be pro in both of them if I could. I trained and worked very hard everyday to become better -- I even quit school to pursue my dreams. I was very talented and played with some people who where couple of years older then me. If I would have continued, I sure would have been a pro today in either one of those sports.

Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour

What ended up changing your path since then? How did you end up modeling?
There was always friends and family telling me I should try out modeling since I was young. I never actually had any problems getting girls, so in the back of my head I kind of new there was potential to be a model. But it never really grabbed my attention. I did take part of one talent search in Sweden at age 19 for the title of Mr Sweden. I came to the final, but didn't win. But it doesn't matter, to me the experience was to be part of it. Anyway, I was too young at that time to be Mr Sweden [laughs] If you ask me, today I might win it ;)

When I moved to Barcelona year 2000, I went to visit one very well know agency called "Francina". The owner Francina Dias took me in. She told me to do a test shoot with a well known photographer (Christian Herrera) in Barcelona and then sent me out for casting like all the other models in town. I was very exciting with the new beginning for me. And it all started out well.

When you first began modeling, what sort of jobs were you sent on? Has the type of projects changed over the years?
The jobs I was sent on, was the same as any other professional model in the industry. I was lucky to start out with an good agency who had great connexions in Barcelona. So finding me work wasn't that difficult. I did everything from TV commercials, fashion shows, catalogues, test shoots, show rooms... Not much editorial (like I do today.) Maybe because my face was very commercial cute and chubby in a way. [laughs] The only thing that has change is the rate for me as model, which is better now of course the before..

I'm intrigued by how much you're involved in blogging and giving us a look backstage into your work as a model as well as the night life and perks of being what you call a "Universal Player." How has being a blogger impacted the work that you get -- have you found that it opens more doors for you?
Since I started to blog 8 month ago, I have created my own set of fan base that can follow my work almost everyday in the fashion industry. To me my blog is a 24/7 job, from waking up to late night. I start filming my whole day from morning until evening... what I do, what I eat, casting jobs, etc. Late evening I need to transfer the pics from the camera to computer and start editing them. The editing usually takes between 3-4 hours. Then after I need to upload these videos to all my video sites and then after post it to my blog along with photos and writing about my day (which takes time as well.) I'm currently now working on building my brand name "UNIVERSAL PLAYER". The name "UNIVERSAL PLAYER" is a person who is like me. Outgoing, fun, happy, romantic, stylish, friendly, crazy, intelligent, sophisticated, good values, table manners, rich, poor, loved by people, and with a big appetite for life (to name a few.) You can see more on my blog to see exactly what I'm talking about.

I love every minute of it, even if its hard work behind it. I don't think people really know how much effort goes in to do what I'm doing. I can honestly say, there aren't any blogs like mine in the world. And if there is. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT! So I must admit the blog have increased & created a better buzz for myself. If I didn't have the blog, my work etc, I wouldn't be featured on your blog I'm sure! [laughs]

Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour

Has there been any lashback from employers or co-workers about your videos or blog postings?
No, it hasn't been any lash back. And don't think there ever will. There has been only one time, when a friend of mine who got everything wrong and thought I spoke bad about him on my blog. But I wouldn't do something like that, its not my style at all. I'm very respectful with what I post on to my blog, even though I show a lot more then what many people would usually do. I always ask clients, friends and people if they OK having me posting their photos or me filming backstage. I never break the code of trust and ethic with people. That's what my father always taught me since young age.

What job are you most proud of thus far?
All of them. I'm very proud of everything I have done so far. Because every job, video or writing I do. I really put down all my heart to do it as good as possible. And so far it has turned out well for me.

Is your dream gig still out there? Who would you most like to work for/with?
For sure, there are many dream gigs still out there for me to do. Like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton... There are so many and I think I'm versatile enough to do them all. I don't think I can make them all before I die though, but I'll will sure try to.

Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour

Do you have plans to come stateside?
Oh yeah, definitely, If I can find someone to represent me there... I'm planning to come with a big bang/new face. I'm currently taking my own time to build up my portfolio, body and experience. I wanna be fully prepared on my first travel to The United states. Don't want to give people a chance to say NO, when I enter their doors ;) Of course nothing comes free, that's why I'm working so hard now everyday. So it will be easier later when I'm older..

You have been married before -- how difficult is it to maintain relationships in the industry?
Yes, I was married until just recently. Personally I don't have any problem having a wife doing the same work as I do or more. I'm very understanding when it comes to get the job done. My confidence in the woman I'm dating, its always in top. I don't need to feel afraid she will cheat or leave me. Because I give my woman the world and every minute if she's with me. My woman is my precious, but in the same she can be my failure. There's a saying that goes like this. "Behind every man success and failure, there is always a woman involved," and I have had a lot of failures and successes. [laughing] TRUST ME !

Now being single, I will concentrate more on my business projects and myself and not try to lose myself for another woman to soon. My women always seems to be more insecure with me. Part of it is maybe because I
give them too much attention, so they get a bit spoiled and then end up being afraid of losing me. This is what usually happens and breaks up the relationship. I get bored of their insecurity and draw myself back. But end of the day, it all comes down to trust and love between two people.

Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour

What new and exciting projects are upcoming?
Oh, there are many projects I'm working on right now. Main goal is my own modeling agency, >ribbsaetermodels in Mumbai India. Around that there will be some business extensions, like my own calendar, a book to be published about my experience, model tools from the modeling scene... I'm also working everyday on improving my blogs, ,, and online businesses. So there is a lot of work ahead, but that is what keeps me going!

Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour


You just got back from an exhausting 7-day shoot... do you curl up and relax at home, or hit the clubs and catch up with friends?
Well, it all depends how the shoot went, where and who I'm going to meet that day or night ;) My photo shoots turn out to be 99.9% successful. So there is always a reason for me to have fun after the shoot. I'm an Aries, very energetic person and cant sit still for 2 seconds. I love to move around and try new different things at all time. I get bored easily with things. Which is good, because it keeps me looking for more.. I love staying awake until early morning, from after parties or just working until the sun starts to rise.

Favorite country to visit?
I've always wanted to see New York and Los angeles, Miami, Vegas. Really looking forward to see it one day...?

When you're dressing yourself... Boxers, Briefs, or Neither?
I like to wear nice sexy Calvin Klein briefs that is fitted to the body. But walking around nude in the house alone I don't really mind. Sometimes when I go for parties etc. I don't wear anything, it all depends on my mood and occasion of course ;)

The Mullet hairstyle... fashion faux pas, or just misunderstood?
I think its misunderstood. But of course it all depends on who and how the person is wearing it. Not everyone can carry it off. I could probably carry it off pretty well ;)

Thanks for talking with us, Patrick!

Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour

Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour
Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour
Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour
Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour
Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour
Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour
Patrick Ribbsaeter, Model - Hunk du Jour

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