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Musician, Keo Nozari - Hunk du Jour

Name: Keo Nozari
Age: 69 :-)
Current Residence: NYC
Relationship Status: Single
MySpace Page:

Q: We are big fans of LOGO and the Click List. How does it feel to have them in your corner?

Keo Nozari: I think LOGO's become a great platform for LGBT artists to expose themselves (both musically and otherwise -- hehe) and let our stories be heard. However, I think originally LOGO's music content was viewed by MTV (who owns them) as a way to market Beyoncé and other mainstream artists to a gay audience. LOGO viewers, however, wanted something different -- not Top 40 but instead artists who represent them as LGTB people. So, now it's been an unexpected floodgate of independent artists (and it's a lot for MTV to handle). Let's just say both my videos were quite challenging to get on-air.... ;-) So, I'm not always convinced they are in my corner! LOL.... I am, however, grateful for the support they do give me! I think LOGO is very important for the visibility of the community. I also have a lot of friends who work there, and I think they've done a great job at creating it on limited budget and all the restrictions that have been put on them.

Q: What is the process like when you were filming the videos for Close Enough and Question of Monogamy. Did the videos turn out to be a good representation of the song?

KN: Both were intense, but artistically very satisfying. I made both of them on a shoe-string budget, so I was proud at what was done. I conceptualized both videos, so it was wonderful to see my vision come into being.

Q: I really like the song Close Enough, but I have to be honest...the guy in the mask was kind of creepy. Was he really that ugly that you had to hide his face?

KN: Well the guy in the mask is meant to be me -- so, if he scares you, I apologize! LOL.... The concept was: by not being intimate with another, I was really just running away from my own self and my own issues. But since I couldn't play both parts the whole time, most of it was played by my friend Milan who is an exceptional dancer (and Broadway star!), and I can assure you he's very cute.

Q: The Question of Monogamy video is pretty hot. Was the filming as fun as it looks? We have actually been dying to know if it was shot in a real bar because it sort of looked familiar to us....We were in NY in December, but were pretty drunk to really remember much of the bars haha.

KN: Yes, it was a blast! I was extremely nervous about our infamous 'bed scene' -- but the cast and crew were so relaxed and fun! I was by far the most uncomfortable person there, but then again I wasn't too upset about having a dozen hot people draped all over me or two sexy guy groping me in the shower, LOL....Yes, the club parts were shot at Mr. Black, a popular club in NYC.

Q: What are your personal views of Monogamy?

KN: As expressed in the song, I think honesty is the most important thing. It completely depends on the couple, but as long as both people are on the same page, that's what's most important. Lots of people give lip service to monogamy but then are secretly cheating. I think the problems arise when people are sneaking around, being hypocritical and lying -- that undermines the foundation of any relationship.

Q: What is your next song/video that we can anticipate?

KN: The next single is Rewind which I'm very excited about! There will be a new video by summer's end and several new remixes included one by my friend Jody DenBroeder who just did the commercial remixes of Rihanna's Umbrella, Hilary Duff's Stranger and Young Love's Discotech.

Q: You have a music column in Next Magazine and we want to know how on earth do you find time for that!

KN: I know! Just imagine what it's like trying to schedule sex and dating! hehe...The column is a lot of fun and has afforded me the opportunity to meet lots of great producers, DJs and recording artists. I supported myself for many years as a freelance writer before getting serious about music, so it's something that comes easily.

Q: Who should we be listening to (besides yourself of course) that is new out there?

KN: The new albums by Rihanna and Sophie Ellis-Bextor; Amy Winehouse, Mika, The Feeling, Young Love; and any remixes by Jody DenBroeder!

Q: In your blog you compared love & cake for Valentines Day. What is your favorite kind of cake?

A: Well, speaking of love and cake, I was just on a date recently and we shared a piece of German Chocolate Cake. We kissed in between bites, so that makes for the perfect combo -- kissing a hot guy and tasting chocolate! YUM!

Q: You also have met Kevin Alejandro (LOVE HIM) who plays Carlos on Ugly Betty. Besides Ugly Betty what are some of your other must see television shows?

KN: Shows I watch regularly are: Battlestar Galatica for intelligently combining fantasy and real issues about war and terrorism; Heroes for its mystery and fun; Desperate Housewives for its camp and outrageousness; Oprah because she's a true role model and continues to impress me with her compassion and generosity. I also love to cook, so I'm pretty much addicted to Food Network!

Q: You have been compared to George Michael. Do you think you would ever get caught in a bathroom?

KN: Yes, but hopefully with a much hotter guy!

Musician, Keo Nozari - Hunk du Jour

Musician, Keo Nozari - Hunk du Jour

Musician, Keo Nozari - Hunk du Jour

Musician, Keo Nozari - Hunk du Jour

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