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Dante's Cove - Starring Charlie David and German Santiago - Hunk du Jour

Yesterday I dealt with the returning Seattle clouds in the only way I knew possible -- I decided to cozy up with a drink and a cocktail and watch a DVD. I popped in a preview disc of Dante's Cove 2 -- thinking it'd be a quick pass and I'd move on to old episodes of Arrested Development.

Dante's Cove is a gay-themed drama series on here! tv. Episodes swing somewhere between supernatural and gay softcore flicks, and follow the supernatural goings-on in this beach community. Taking up residence in the resort town are a dueling witch and warlock, as well as others just discovering their powers and the events going on around them.

Dante's Cove - Starring William Gregory Lee and Gregory Michael - Hunk du Jour

Now, it's not something that I'd sit down and watch with Mom (Sorry Mom, you can borrow the disc if you really want to see this stuff) but seems like great fodder for our Boy's Night gatherings. Normally I'd keep such guilty pleasures to myself, but the eye candy in this series can't be denied.

The bevy of starring hunks are toned up and tanned, and not afraid of shucking their shirts at a whim. (Their pants come off with an almost equal frequency.) And the (almost entirely) straight hunky actors aren't afraid of playing gay.

Chalk this one up in the guilty pleasure column... Dante's Cove Season 2 is on DVD today, pick that up with Season 1 and then prompty hide it away until your better half goes out of town for work.

William Gregory Lee, Dante's Cove - Hunk du Jour

Charlie David, Dante's Cove - Hunk du Jour
Jon Fleming, Dante's Cove - Hunk du Jour
Gregory Michael, Dante's Cove - Hunk du Jour
Gabriel Romero, Dante's Cove - Hunk du Jour

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