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We have a new site, but enjoy the Hunk du Jour Archives!

We're constantly working behind-the-scenes... whether it is lining up a fantastic interivew, researching who's up-and-coming, moderating comments, monitoring statistics and referring links, or making technical improvements to the web site. Here are a few tidbits on what's been going on:

Site Redesign
Our site layout is fantastic, but we've decided it is time to incorporate some new functionality into the site along with a fresh coat of paint. This project will be progressing slowly and will hopefully launch sometime this summer after all the kinks are worked out.

New Category/Tag Pages
Previously if you clicked on one of the category/tag links (such as Actor, Male Model, or Hunk du Jour Interviews) beneath a post you'd be taken to a simple list of posts within that topic. We're now paging these category/tag archives so when you go to one of these archives you'll be able to see the "front page" version of the posts again -- complete with photos! Click through to see the rest of the post as usual. Check out the tag/category cloud to begin your journey!

MySpace Badges
Our MySpace Badge system is awesome... we take the highlighted photo from the last post and create an image that you can place on your MySpace, Friendster, Blogger and web pages! The image will update whenever we post something new, so you've got an instant photo show of hot guys for your site! Get yours today.

What do you think? Any suggestions?
We love hearing from you! Contact us! Suggest a hunk to feature (better yet, send photos!), tell us how you're linking to your site, suggest a new site feature, hook us up with an interview, or just sing our praises (or lodge a respectful complaint.)

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