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Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

Chris' Stats:

Age: 23
Current Residence: Yorkshire, UK
Relationship status: Living with partner
Height/Weight: 169 cm / 68 kgs (40 Chest - 30 Waist)
Occupation: Technical sales and project coordinator - Chemical Industry

What exactly is "TeamCHRIS"?
TeamCHRIS is the collective noun for all those wonderful people that wanted to be added, or I wanted to add, to my myspace friends list.

Humans like to be part of a group as it makes them feel safe and secure and gives a sense of belonging. I figured that it would be fun to let people be part of my group / team.

You are a & smart. Are you doing what you want out of life?
I think at the age of 23, I'm still trying to decide what it is I want to do with my life. I have a huge passion for science and have since 16 / 17 years old. The problem is, I'm not sure that I want to dedicate my life to the chemical industry. I'm still waiting for that one job to hit me and give the satisfaction that I need!

You look pretty good in those aussieBums. What is your favorite brand of underwear?
I'm not brand biased and don't have an out-right favourite, although, I do love Aussiebums and probably have a majority of there wears in my draws. My favourite pants are some by diesel that I can't find ANYWHERE to get more...

Do you ever come to the states? (Note: This questions is mainly for our own stalking purposes)
I've never been to the US! I've been to most places in Europe and some in Asia. It's in the pipeline for a trip over though! I'll keep you posted to make stalking easier.

How does it make you feel knowing that we want to post pictures of you in your undies and there will probably be people that pick you as their new screen saver?
A few weeks ago, I was informed that some random person had decided to use my pictures to pass off as themselves on (if i can advertise other websites) At first I was peeved, but then took a step back and thought for a moment that it's nice that some one thinks enough about my pictures to want to "virtually" be me.

I'm not an overly confident person when it comes to looks. I only started going to the gym two years ago to bulk up after having a "phobia" of food and before I had the phobia, I was skinny anyway. It's really flattering and boosting to get recognition for what I've built from websites such as this one and from photographers and people in the modelling world.

What do you like best about where you currently live?
England has a diverse and changeable weather system. You can be sat in the same place for hours and as the day goes on, the clouds change, the light changes, it stops / starts raining and the scenery will look completely different within that time span. Every county has a different feel and geography even though the area of the UK is tiny.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
This is one of those questions you get asked a job interviews! Always impossible to answer unless a person is completely focused.

Not knowing where my career in science and potentially in modelling is taking me at the moment, it's difficult to say. But! Where ever I end up, I want to be happy, content and making a difference.

Now on to Important Scientific Questions for our sexy chemist!

Which is best for the body - Vodka, Rum or Tequila?
They're all fine in moderation! If you mix them though, you've got a great cocktail!
If I've got a sore throat or cold, I usually add vodka to some hot water, honey and lemon juice. The alcohol kills infection and the others soothe!

What really happens if you drop pop rocks in a can of coke?
I'm not sure what pop rocks are, but I bet they give a fizzing / foaming effect in coke!

Poppers are big in portions of gay life...what are they really doing to someones brain?
They increase blood flow through vaso-dilation (which is why you feel light headed and go red as arteries and smooth muscle expand).

Increasing blood flow in the brain and expanding the brain puts pressure on the cranium. This could potentially lead to all kinds of problems after prolonged usage.

Mixed with alcohol, you're allowing more quantities of ethanol to get into the system from increased blood flow, which leads to an increased threat to your liver and kidneys.

Should Marijuana be legalized here in the states?
I'm on the "no" band waggon and don't think it should be legalised. My reasons for this are mainly that I don't think drugs should be de-classified because of pressure from the public and users. They're on the list for a reason. If those reasons can't be justified or are not relevant to society any more then a change might need to be looked at.

When was the last time you were super drunk?
Well, there are levels of super drunk! I'm such a light-weight these days that I get super drunk after two pints!

I think the last time I was so far gone that I had no comprehension was in 2006 on someones birthday night out. I got aquainted with a toilet bowl at a friends house that night!

Is it possible that all men are a six pack away from being gay?
I suppose it depends on your opinions on "what makes a man gay" are!

I do find it odd when pseudo straight men seemingly give sly glances at other men in the gym...

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Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

Sexy Chemist Chris - Hunk du Jour

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