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Marcellas Reynolds - Hunk du Jour

Hey Marcellas, of course most of us would know you from your two stints on the guilty pleasure CBS summer reality show "Big Brother" (and then "Big Brother All-Stars"), what kind of projects have you been involved with lately?
I just did my first episode of The Tyra Banks Show. It was awesome and I think you will be seeing a lot more of me on there. My episode runs during sweeps week in May. Please watch. I just shot a pilot for vh1. We'll see if it goes to series. And I've been working for E! and Style Network on shows like How Do I Look, On A Date and E! News Daily. Things are good!

Do you ever regret doing the reality show, or have the benefits outweighed any of the personal anguish or drama?
I don't regret season 3. It was an amazing experience and learning curve that brought me to this moment. It was awesome. I do wish I hadn't done All-Stars. It wasn't fun and I wasn't happy. I also passed on 2 series to do the All-Stars. Was it a mistake? I don't know. I did get paid a lot to do All-Stars, so financially it was worth it.

You're involved with Project Angel Food in Los Angeles right now, can you tell me a little bit about Project Angel Food? What are you doing with them?
Project Angel Food is my 'pet' charity! What I mean by that is they are the charity I work with the most. I donate a lot of money, time and energy to them. I believe in what they do. Everyday PAF delivers hot nutritious meals to those suffering from HIV and many other life-threatening diseases. And they don't just drop the meals off, they spend time with these people. A kind word, a hug. It means so much.

For the second year in a row I'm doing Bowling For Angels which is one of their biggest fund-raising events of the year.

Who is "The Angel Mafia"?
The Angel Mafia is co-captained by myself and Chad Darnel. It's an All Star Reality Team! Danielle, James, Sarah and I from Big Brother, Zen and Erika from Work Out, Kimberly Caldwell from American Idol, Adam from Road Rules and Beth from The Real World and The Gauntlet, Valerie from Temptation Island, Sarah from Joe Millionaire, Carey from The Apprentice, Dylan Vox from Fight For Fame and Dante's Cove and of course, Benjamin Bradley and Ethan, the Ginch Gonch boys. So far we've raised $13,000. Our team goal is $20,000.

Is there a lot of rivalry amongst "The Angel Mafia" members during the fundraiser? Are you all trying to get more pledges and donations than each other?
Oh my God it's brutal! The Big Brother people are the worst! We trash talk like it's our job! Crazy. James said something mean to Danielle the other day and I had to step in before it got extra ugly. I have been doing tons of press with Zen from Work Out and she's so friggin adorable she's been upstaging me! I'm not taking her anywhere anymore! Omarosa called Carey a "baby Marcellas' the other day and I lost it. But thus far I'm #1! The one to beat.

Who is it that you'd like to out-fundraise by a landslide? ...and do they know you've got it in for them??
James. I wanna take that punk down. And then go down on him. No, seriously, I love him and we give each other a lot of crap. It's fun.

Are you a very good bowler? Who's the best bowler on your team?
I'm a very good bowler if I concentrate. I have to pay attention and stay in the zone. I also can't over think it. Touching other peoples balls weirds me out a bit. I have my own.

I don't know who is going to be good this year. Last year Jerri Manthey from Survivor was really good. And so was James from Boy Meets Boy. I have a feeling Danielle from Big Brother is gonna work the ball well. She's a tough one, that Danielle.

If someone is interested in contributing to the cause, how can they do so?
It's easy! Just go to, click on The Angel Mafia link on the right under teams and it takes you to our page. Pick your fave reality or TV personality, and donate. You can use credit card or paypal or even download a mail-in form.

Every $5 donated provides a meal for someone in need!

What's coming up for Marcellas Reynolds in 2007?
Just more of the same. I'm on TV a lot. If it's not re-runs of Yes, Dear, it's something on Style or The Maury Pauvich show or VH1 or BET. I've just got to keep pushing. I want my own show again. It's coming. I hope!

and now, our... RANDOM QUESTIONS

1) Jakes on a Plane! Whose shoulder would you want to be able to fall asleep on during a long flight? Jake Gyllenhaal or Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters)?
Jake Gyllenhaal, who I see all the time in L.A. He is so dreamy. And he looks like a good cuddler. Love him.

2) Make 'em Over! Being a stylist, who in the public eye do you think is in most need of your services? What would you suggest they do?
God I'd love to take a crack @ Britney. Jiminey Cricket she's bad! I'd start from underwear out. Head to toe. Britney needs to go to finishing school. I don't think anyone ever taught her to act like a lady.

3) What's your favorite reality show?

I love Project Runway. For me it's the gold standard. Love me some Heidi! "You are either in or you are out."

4) Sanjaya Lover or Sanjaya Hater (or Sanjaya Who?)
Sanjaya who? I don't get the whole AI phenom. And I think this season shows they've culled as much talent from malls as there is left in the US. Enough already.

5) You wake up 5 minutes before you're supposed to be at a gig. You can shower, shave, or grab the perfect outfit -- but not all three. "Scruffy & Smelly?" or "Scruffy & Shaggy?" or "Shaggy & Smelly?"?
I'm gonna shower, shave and turn up naked.

Well, thanks so much for talking with us -- and good luck fundraising for such a great charity!
Thanks Chris! This was fun!

Support Marcellas and Project Angel Food at the Bowling For Angels site!

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