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Alexsander - photographer and blogger - Hunk du Jour Name: Alexsander
Age: 29
Current Residence: San Diego, CA
Relationship status: Single
Height/Weight: 5'10', 145
Occupation: Personal Assistant

I saw on your blog that this is the first year San Diego will be playing host to the national Dining Out For Life campaign. (Happening TONIGHT nationwide!) Are you a restaurant ambassador, or getting a big group to go dine out that night?

I am very excited about this, San Diegans are getting involved and I hope this is going to be a great event, I am not a restaurant embassador, but I have told all my friends about it and I have a group of 10+ people for dinner that night. It's for a great cause!

Last summer you raised cash for the San Diego AIDS Walk with an innovative incentive gift for donors... yourself! I hope PBS & NPR take a cue from you (though I'm not sure I'd be as brave in my fundraising for this year's AIDS Walk in Seattle.) How was the response to this? Are you planning on doing it again this year?

The response was good, I thought about it while taking a shower one day, I didn't know if I could raise funds while offering private pictures of myself, but some great people did helped. A lot of guys have asked me if I am going to do the "second part" of my "Home Alone Series" this year, but I haven't thought about it, right now I have two calendars on sale throught my "online store" and all the proceeds are going to the SD AIDS Walk this year.

From your photos it seems like you are off to regular adventures with your friends that include sunny pools or beaches (any excuse for showing off in the skimpy swimwear?) Tell us a little about your favorite adventure.

I enjoy the beach a lot, the sun , the sand and of course the cute boys showing off their sexy bodies, I can use any excuse to wear my "little" speedos, birthdays, pool parties, the beach, foam parties etc- I honestly don't like those big tanning lines, so with my speedos I get less lines.

I was browsing through your flickr photostream and came across some of you in (what looked to be) a Tahitian dance competition... did you do well? How often did you participate in those when you were younger?

While living in Hawaii, I tried to emerge in their culture; one day I heard some drums going on by my house I followed the sound and found a group of dancers, I was very excited and I was invited to stay and watch, later on I became a member of the group and we went to a Major Competition in Maui. I was nervous for my solo competition- I was the only latino there, I had a great time. We won a couple of awards as a group, I didn't do so well in my solo-

It looks like you have the occasional brushes with fame? Is running across celebrities something that gets you a little star-struck, or can you keep your cool and just treat 'em as "plain folks"?

I get excited when I see "famous" people, but I don't show it, most of the times I tell my friends: OMG that's X and Y from this and that show , but they usually don't know what I am talking about, when I get to meet them I always compliment them in their arts and that's it- I guess I treat them as regular folks.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Alexsander! Check out the links below to read Alexsander's blog, or look at his flickr photostream.

[ Alexsander's Blog ]
[ Alexsander's Flickr Photos ]

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