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Skeet Ulrich, from Jericho - Hunk du Jour

I confess that I have been in love with Skeet Ulrich since I first saw him in his double-whammy of teen scream debuts in 1996, Scream and The Craft. (Over 10 years ago? Really? Ouch!)

Back then there were a lot Skeet fans out there, but a lot of them had fallen to the wayside as I've continued to hold the torch for him through thick and thin. All of the bad facial hair periods; the "too skinny" and then "too bloaty" years; his horrible movie role choices (Chill Factor anyone?)

I've participated in letter writing campaigns to save a tv show that he starred in; I've seen the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie he did a few years ago almost as many times as I have Xanadu; I told people that I watched the Steven Speilberg mini-series Into The West because of the painstaking care and detail they put into the historical accuracy, but it was really because Skeet looks good on a horse.

He's currently starring in the CBS hit series Jericho, which just began again after its Lost-like winter hiatus. It's weird to have Skeet so accessible again; these past years I've had to settle for catching him in bit parts here or there. Now I can see his pretty face every week. Here's hoping for several more seasons of weekly sojourns with this handsome man.

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Skeet Ulrich - Hunk du Jour

Skeet Ulrich - Hunk du Jour

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