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We have a new site, but enjoy the Hunk du Jour Archives!

At the risk of becoming pretty annoying -- we'd like to let you know that the Round of 32 Voting (see bracket) is now open for March Gayness.

I think we're in trouble, as we're up against the fantastic blog Josh vs. Josh. Vote in this round for your favorites -- there have already been some huge upsets in the race!

Chris, Doug & Kat

8:00 pm Update
A good friend saw the latest post on Josh vs. Josh and sent it my way. It kind of came out of left field, and was a disappointing characterization.

As anyone who knows me can attest, I'm more Pollyanna than "Tiffany."

I'm just glad we made it into the Round of 32. Thanks for the support.

7:11 am update
I swapped e-mails with Josh K from Josh & Josh last night. He says their post was supposed to be funny, and has since been rewritten. I believe that their intent wasn't malicious and that they are good guys, just didn't make a great first impression with me.

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