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MySpace Hunk Aaron - Hunk du Jour

We highlight actors, models, musicians and various other famous hot guys on a daily basis. Sometimes we forget that there are hot guys all around us, though! Today's featured hunk is Aaron! This cute guy is taken (Sorry!), but he did take some time to answer some of our questions.

What on earth are you doing in Europe for so long?
I'm in Europe while my boyfriend finishes his semester abroad. I majored in Art History so this is the perfect place to see it all in person! I have yet to see the art since shopping has distracted me, so I guess I'll have to stay a little longer ;)

When we read your MySpace profile you really can't tell if you are in a relationship or not... (I'm being totally sarcastic here.) How long have you guys been together?
We've been together for a year but are disturbingly perfect together so it seems a lot longer than that.

Was it love at first sight?
It was more attraction at first, but we realized how perfect we were together almost immediately. The last year has been amazing and gone by so fast!

You went to school in Seattle any plans on returning here after you have gotten Europe our of your system?
I'm from a small town south of Seattle so it will always be home. After Europe who knows where we'll end up...hopefully New York.

What has been your favorite place to visit so far?
Italy was amazing! Unlike in France, the people are beautiful and genuinely nice. I could live off nutella gelatto!

Are you missing anything in the states right now?
I miss little things like talk shows and refills on my giant diet cokes. Europe is so inefficient which is very stressing on an American who likes to shop 24/7.

What are you both planning on doing in the near future?
I'm planning on going to design school; I want to do restoration architecture. I love taking something old and making it work in a modern way. My boyfriend is going to be finishing up his business degree specializing in much fun!

In order to save your boyfriends life you have to become a love slave for one of the following. Who do you pick? Phyllis Diller, Carol Channing or Joan Rivers
Oh definitely Joan Rivers! I'd get a special on E! And think of all the plastic attachments!!

Thanks, Aaron!

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Update: Aaron would like us to make sure to credit Peter Lindstrom for the fantastic black & white photography.

MySpace Hunk Aaron - Hunk du Jour

Aaron - Hunk du Jour

Aaron - Hunk du Jour

Aaron - Hunk du Jour

Aaron - Hunk du Jour

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