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Last week when American Idol's 6th season revealed their top 40 performers I was intrigued by the hot blond with the beautiful voice that performed in the group sing with two of my other faves from this season, Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis. I thought to myself, who is this poised hottie with the voice of an angel? I wasn't surprised to see him move to the top 40 and thought for sure that when the group was narrowed down to 24, I and the rest of the world would get to know him better.

Alas, delicious Tom Lowe did not make it to the AI semifinals round. Shocking, especially after seeing his initial audition from Seattle (damn! this cute boy was in my city and I didn't know about it?). They never aired his audition here, but did in the UK, because Tom is British and hails from Manchester. Thank goodness for YouTube:

There's a lot of rumour and controversy brewing about why Tom might not have made it into the voting rounds. Was it because he had already had some limited success in the UK as a member of the boy-band North and South? Could it be because Tom is openly gay and has posed on the cover of Harvard University's sex magazine kissing a boy? (Tom's the one on the left - too bad you can't see his face or body)

Tom Lowe - Hunk du Jour

I guess we'll never know why; but I think it's interesting that the brief reaction shot that they showed of Tom on last week's AI when he got cut was not one of devastation. He actually looked sort of elated. Could it be that Simon Cowell offered him a contract of his very own? Hmmmm...

For now we'll have to content ourselves with keeping tabs on Tom through his current Boston-based band called Tommy and The Tigers or by watching old student films that he did at Harvard.

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