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MySpace Musician David Serrano - Hunk du Jour

We caught up with David Serrano after hearing some of his tracks online. In true random hunk question form, we asked him about his life as a musician, a New Yorker, and a bonafide hottie.

You've been interested in music since you were very young, I see... How old were you when you wrote your first song?
I have been. I wrote my first song at 13. It was called "Dove in White Lace" and it was as bad as it sounds. But ever since then, I've been hooked.

When performing in bars or clubs do you drink? Be honest, now... when was the last time you got really trashed?
Of course! One or two drinks helps take the edge off and calms the nerves. I tend to not have anymore than that because three drinks calms the tongue and I start to slur. The last time I got really trashed was last year at karaoke. I had about five too many tequilas.

I read the story of your "8" tattoo online and was really touched. Your mom seemed to be very religious. Do you consider yourself a religious person, too?
Some would consider my mom religious but I would consider her spiritual. I would say the same goes for myself. I believe in God but my God isn't concerned with whether or not you place a star atop a Christmas tree, light eight candles, or pray towards Mecca five times a day; just be good to others and true to yourself.

So you moved to New York and sold your car, leaving your current world behind you, all to pursue a dream - any regrets?
Just one, that I didn't have the balls to do it sooner.

What is the worst job you have ever had?
The worst job I've ever had would have to be my first job upon returning to New York. It was with my brothers tree removal service Aspen Tree Service. My brother is great but the job wasn't. You have to be constantly alert or you could get hit by a falling branch, log, entire tree, or get dragged into a wood-chipper. NOT FUN! Everyday I came home with either twenty new puncture wounds or poison ivy. Let's just say I earned every penny.

How about the worst gig?
The worst gig I had was in a bar in Hell's Kitchen that shall remain nameless. The sound system was horrible and the drag queen hostess was evil. She too, will remain nameless.

How was performing at NYC Pride? How many guys hit on you? Don't be modest!
It was amazing and not so great at the same time. It was amazing because I was performing in the World's Best Pride Parade on one of the most popular floats within that parade, the Next Magazine float, for thousands of people. It was crappy because I didn't know that when performing in a parade, you should lip sync. I couldn't hear anything.

As for getting hit on, I had a lot of competition on that float. I was surrounded but a dozen scantily clad guys, some of which were porn stars. Plus, all the spectators were behind a baracade. It's kind of hard to hit on someone from thirty feet away buried in a sea of flag-waving homosexuals.

We were just in NY in December and lived at a bar called XES Lounge. Where do you hang out in NY?
Actually, if I am not at Barracuda or Pieces, I, too, am at XES. They have the best karaoke in the city and as a matter of fact, that's where I got wasted last year.

You see three hitch hikers on the side of the road in the pooring rain. You have to pick up one, but you can only take one. The other two are left for dead. Which one do you pick up? Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho or Ellen Degeneres?
Oh now we get to the real questions. This is a hard one. I think I would have to give up my seat and save both Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho while I died with Ellen. I really love them all but the Cho must go on.

Thanks so much, David -- we're so glad you took the time with us for our silly questions. With that Hunk du Jour gives David Serrano our seal of approval and wish him the all best. Be sure to check out his music or catch one of his shows in New York City!

Visit David Serrano's MySpace Profile to listen to his music and see more pictures! His song "Not Again" is also available for purchase from iTunes!

David Serrano - Hunk du Jour

David Serrano - Hunk du Jour

David Serrano - Hunk du Jour

David Serrano - Hunk du Jour

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