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Columbus Short, from Stomp the Yard and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Hunk du Jour

I haven't seen it yet, but apparently Columbus Short steams up the screen pretty well in Stomp the Yard -- where he plays a young man excused from juvie so long that he attends college at Truth University, where he is then courted by rival fraternities needing him to win the annual step show.

I actually have been watching him on Studio 60, but with rumors swirling about that show's hiatus (and pending demise?) I'm not sure if Columbus can count on that paycheck for a whole lot longer. Luckily for him, he's got a handful of upcoming projects to keep him busy.

Columbus was previously seen in movies such as Save the Last Dance 2, Accepted, War of the Worlds, and You Got Served. Aside from being an actor, he's a dancer/choreographer. Earlier this year he also made it onto the gossip radar after sleeping (and JUST sleeping, no sex says he...) with Britney Spears. Photos of them also surfaced sharing a smooch.

At any rate, he's a fine man -- with an unfortunate lack of high quality photos to be found! If you've found a fan site or photos -- share a link in the comments!

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