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Naters - Hunk du Jour

Naters is a online friend of ours that we hope to meet in person one day. He grew up in Minnesota and currently is involved with a cheerleading squad called Cheer Dorothy Cheer! They perform at parties and various events helping raise money and awareness for local HIV/AIDS organizations.

Not only do we find Naters adorable, but we can honestly say that he is an all around sweet guy! (Go Naters!) He can be found on MySpace and was suckered into answering 5 of our RHQ's.

Random Hunk Questions

What city do you want to visit that you haven't been

Would love to visit Sydney, Austrailia.

How many times a day do you think about sex?
Hmmm...AT LEAST 10!

If you were a sitcom character which whould you be?
Probably Will from Will and Grace. He always seems to have trouble meeting guys, and when he does, they usually end upbeing MAJOR weirdos

Who is the sexiest man on the radio?
Justin Timberlake's lookin damn good these days. Didn't think he was all that cute when he was younger, but he's turned into a very handsome man! [Editor: I think we're all in agreement there!]

What was the happiest moment of your life so

When I stepped off the airplane in Oslo, Norway. Even though I'd never been there before then, there was just something about that place that made me feel like thats where I should be. To this day theres no place I'd rather visit!

Naters - Hunk du Jour

Naters - Hunk du Jour
Naters - Hunk du Jour

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