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Christopher Dallman - Hunk du Jour

Today's MySpace Monday featured profile is from recording artist Christopher Dallman. Check out his tunes on his MySpace profile. My favorite song is Mistake (Available on iTunes!)

And, of course, our Random Hunk QuestionsTM strike again!

If you couldn't be a musician what would you want to do for a living?
If I couldn't be a musician, I would probably be a teacher. I think the feeling of getting through to a group of students and opening them up to the wonders of the world has a lot in common with singing on a stage. You have to work hard to win them over and make them believe that you have something to say.

Who do you like listening to right now?
Right now, I'm listening to a British soul singer named Amy Winehouse. Her albums haven't been release in the states, but you can hear some songs on her MySpace page. She's got a killer voice and a lyrical candor that is super unique. Also listening to a bunch of Justin Timberlake. I'm seeing him live next week!

What is your favorite place that you have played so far?
My 3 favorite places I've played:

1) Everywhere in NYC-- Unmatchable energy and the city makes you bring your 'A' game.

2) The Reno Hilton-- The largest stage in the country and the next night Dolly Parton was playing... Can't beat that ;-)

3) Cobh in the County Cork, Ireland. It was a room that held hundreds of people, but was architecturally designed to be acoustically flawless... I sang sans electricity with a sunset view of the last port from which the Titanic sailed before it sank. Spooky cool.

What is your biggest goal for 2007?
Biggest goal in '07 is to finish my second album and keep my head on straight while I do it!

Is your family supportive of your decision to be in the music business?
My family is 100% supportive. My folks know all the words to my songs and my baby niece rocks OUT when I sing.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Christopher! Good luck in 2007 and with the new album.

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Christopher Dallman - Hunk du Jour

Christopher Dallman - Hunk du Jour
Christopher Dallman - Hunk du Jour
Christopher Dallman - Hunk du Jour

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