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Hi, David! New Years is the time when everyone seems to set new fitness goals for themselves. How do you set your personal goals? Do you track them somehow?

I tend not to set goals like other people do. I get an idea or thought in my head, and it just stays on my mind until I do it. If I have a goal to gain ten pounds of muscle and make my squats 50 lbs stronger, I just stay focused and determined -- never quitting until I achieve that goal.

Like I have said before, you have to have a strong reason to achieve that goal. Right now I don't have any reason to gain 10lbs... but let's say I got offered and very important modeling gig that needed me to be 10lbs heavier. I can promise you that I will workout hard (and eat lots of beef) until I've gained those ten pounds.

That's what works for me. For you, writing you goals or having visual inspiration to look at may work. The main thing is you have to find a very strong motivation factor.

Example: Why do you want to exercise? To look good. Why? Because I want to look better. Why? Because if I look better I'll get more dates, have more confidence which will help me succeed on the job, etc.

"Looking better" is not a good enough factor but the reasons for why you want to look better are, so think of those. Find many reasons that will consume you and keep your "passion" to exercise going strong.

Good luck!

David Rich is a personal trainer, fitness model, and the creator of The Looking Great Naked Training System. He will be answering your fitness questions here most Thursdays.

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