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Eric Dane races down the street in suit and tie. - Hunk du Jour

Eric Dane... this stupendously good-looking man plays Dr. Mark Sloan aka McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy. Previously he was Phoebe's boyfriend on Charmed which is a show that I never watched because even I have a cheeze limit. Actress Rebecca Gayheart is the lucky woman that's married to him, which just goes to show that you can run over a little kid and still land a hot husband. Prior to Rebecca, Eric dated Lara Flynn Boyle, so Rebecca is definitely a step up.

Eric sports a beard on Grey's, but in most of his roles, including 2006's X-Men:Last Stand where Dane played Multiple Man, he's clean-shaven. I dig facial hair so I actually prefer the scruff. You?

[ Ed: We're cutting out a little this week -- "offline" life has been very full and we need a breather. See you back here Monday! ]

Eric Dane - Hunk du Jour

Eric Dane - Hunk du Jour
Eric Dane - Hunk du Jour
Eric Dane - Hunk du Jour

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