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MySpace Hottie Cesarium - Hunk du Jour

Direct from MySpace, we've asked another cutie some of our Random Hunk Questions -- this fellow goes by the name Cesarium... let's see what he had to say!

Where are you from originally and what is your favorite place in the states so far?
I am from Ecuador. I have 6 years in the States and i like NY's nightlife. I guess that's where i would stay even though it get's out of hand. I don't want to live there though but yes to visit.

What is your favorite food?
I love Latin food. My favorite is after being drunk, having an "encebollado" of fish... It's a soup. I love it.

Is there a tv show on currently that you can't miss?
I barely watch TV, but I enjoy watching South Park.

What was your favorite toy as a child?
As a child, my favorite toy was a dildo... lol j/k I really liked cars and batman toys!

Do you look as good out of the suit as you do in it? (Check him out in his suit after the jump)
Well, that I guess you would have to find out by asking my "booboo" (My ex and maybe future bf). lol

Thanks for the answers, Cesarium. Check out his MySpace profile for more info, and let us know if you're a MySpace hottie and want to be subjected to our questions!

Suited Up - Hunk du Jour

Suited Up - Hunk du Jour

Cheers to Hottie Cesarium - Hunk du Jour

Lucky Booboo! - Hunk du Jour

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