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We'll hit two questions this week since the first one is a pretty quick answer.

I need to lose weight and start working out, but don't want to give up the booze. Is that even possible?
It depends how much you drink. If your a raging alcoholic drinking a 6 pack per day then probably not. If you partake in some light drinking on the weekends you can lose weight, as long as you follow your kick-butt workout plan the rest of the week.

[This should go without saying, but never attempt to work out after drinking alcohol. It can lead to serious injury.]

Hi David! I enjoy doing cardio on the machines at my gym, and am less than enthusiastic about hitting the weights. Is doing cardio enough to help trim down?
Cardio can burn both fat AND muscle. Do at least 20 minutes of weight training 3x per week to maintain muscle mass, which will help your metabolism burn fat fast and keep you looking lean and fit. This workout should be fast paced (with just a little rest between sets) and make you sweat.

Perhaps the problem is you just have not found a weight workout you like! Weight training can be boring if you are doing a boring workout that why on my sites and in my DVDs i give you a variety of programs and exercises.

Thanks for your questions -- please keep them coming!

David Rich is a personal trainer, fitness model, and the creator of The Looking Great Naked Training System. He will be answering your fitness questions here most Thursdays.

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