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David & Frank - Hunk du Jour

As you may remember, earlier this month we spent over a week in fabulous New York City. After our first non-stop day of sightseeing we discovered a gay bar right down the street from our hotel, XES. We promply made this "home base" and ended up spending several nights at this bar.

XES quickly became one of the highlights of our trip. It was a great bar -- very down to earth -- with a staff not only HOT, but made up of some of the nicest guys that we have ever talked with (even while in a drunken state of mind.) [Editor: Maybe they weren't so much nice as they were very patient! Hah!]

Each morning I would check the digital camera to see if they were as cute in their pictures after the drinks had worn off, and of course... they were!

If you visit or live in NYC make it a point to frequent XES. They have karaoke on Sundays & Wednesdays, and it was a blast whether the bar was packed or nearly-empty. Thanks XES for helping make our NY trip so memorable!

Paul from the XES website - Hunk du Jour

I think Paul looked like Milo from Heroes and you know how I love me some Milo!

Frank - Hunk du Jour

Peppermint & Myself - Hunk du Jour

Paul & Myself - Hunk du Jour

Thanks David, Frank & Paul. We didn't get a picture of Gary, but trust us he is great as well!

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