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Chad - Hunk du Jour

I saw this picture while searching profiles on MySpace and I have to say that it is THE most adorable picture that I think I have ever seen. The cute dog...the cute boy...awwww. I seriously could make this my wallpaper!

Today's MySpace cutie Chad has lived in Pittsburgh his entire life, but loves to travel. He took a shot at answering 5 of our RHQ's (Random Hunk Questions) and here were his responses:

Boxers or Briefs : Boxer briefs. I have a thing for expensive designer underwear. My mom always says if someone was going to rob me they should go straight for my underwear drawer. [Ed: We think we would like to go straight to his underwear drawer]

What do you first notice about a guy that makes him attractive? : Eyes. I prefer dark hair and green or brown eyes.

What celebrity would you sleep with even if you were happily in a relationship? : I'm not really into the whole celebrity thing to be honest. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head. Sorry!

What is the last restaurant that you went to and what did you eat? : I believe it was a chinese restaurant and I had the "Amazing Chicken" with no spice!!

What's with the cherry? (See picture after the jump) : I'm a graphic designer and the photo was from "high noon" drinks with one of my good friends for my birthday. I thought it would be fun to do a little black and white plus 1 color deal. [Ed: We love this picture]

Take look at his MySpace page!

We are also showing some of his graphic design pictures after the jump including one where he is getting pounded and you can see his giant ass!

Chad - Hunk du Jour

Chad's Cherry - Hunk du Jour

Chad's Flower - Hunk du Jour

Chad Gets Pounded - Hunk du Jour

Chad's Giant Ass Picture - Hunk du Jour

Chad - Hunk du Jour

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