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For the final installment of Who We're Thankful For, I focus on some of the hunky actors that I have been particularly thankful for in 2006.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Hunk du Jour

Jake Gyllenhaal : While Brokeback Mountain first hit the states in late 2005, Jake has been enjoying a steady stream of press and attention. Latest rumors have him hanging out a lot with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey and possibly working on an Armstrong biopic. He also won an MTV Movie Award for best kiss in Brokeback Mountain.

Neil Patrick Harris - Hunk du Jour

Neil Patrick Harris : One of our favorite shows this year has been How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and one of the main reasons is the return of Neil Patrick Harris. Not only does he look fantastic with his shirt off, but he's funny as hell. Also loved: his appearance on Big Brother last summer, and his "yeah, so what?" uneventful coming out this year.

Mario Lopez - Hunk du Jour

Mario Lopez : I think I've made my love of him known quite well. Click on his name at the bottom of this entry for all of my other entries.

Brandon Routh - Hunk du Jour

Brandon Routh : He wears the cape well. Not to mention the tights and red briefs. Superman Returns indeed!

Patrick Dempsey - Hunk du Jour

Patrick Dempsey : Patrick Dempsey kinda makes me swoon on Grey's Anatomy... but then makes me mad at him... then makes me forgive him... then makes me swoon some more... (lather, rinse, repeat)

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