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Dylan Ricci Photography - Hunk du Jour

The photography of Dylan Ricci is, in a word, stunning. His powerful images defy the cliches of male nude photography, the resulting work being beautifully distinct. He strips away the props, wilderness, and settings and focuses solely on the male body as his work.

Against simple black drops he manipulates his models' bodies into interesting poses, often embraces, while keeping their faces from view. Every sculpted muscle of the body's architecture is visible, yet the lack of identification makes the photos even more mysterious and (somehow) intimate.

Hunk du Jour thanks Dylan for being so generous as to allow us to post some of his work, and we encourage you to support such great photography by purchasing prints from his website.

Male Nude - Hunk du Jour

Dylan Ricci Male Nudes - Hunk du Jour
Naked Man with Watermelon - Hunk du Jour
Male Nude Couple Gay - Hunk du Jour
Nude male couple - Hunk du Jour
Male Nudes - Hunk du Jour

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