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Austin Peck in the bathtub - Hunk du Jour

Austin Peck is very good-looking. He needs those good looks I think - he's not a very good actor. But I have always found his performance as the character Austin Reed on Days Of Our Lives to be completely enjoyable. I am a little sad that the Austin character has been written off the show again. This was Peck's third time back - I'm not counting him out for good. And seriously, his blog is the most unintentially hilarious thing I have read on the web in some time. Or maybe Peck is being ironic? Maybe he's secretly brilliant! It's possible. Whatever. He is lovely to look at.

Austin Peck's Blog
Official Website

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Austin Peck wet - standing in the rain - Hunk du Jour

Austin Peck in white tank top - Hunk du Jour
Austin Peck as Austin Reed on Days - Hunk du Jour
Austin Peck NBC promo shot - Hunk du Jour
Austin Peck shirtless in leather pants - Hunk du Jour
Austin Peck shirtless - Hunk du Jour
Austin Peck looking pensive - Hunk du Jour

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