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In a moment of pure self indulgence and horn-tooting, I'd like to point out that it is the 5th anniversary of Doug and my first date.

Doug (pictured left) and I (right) began chatting with each other in April of 2001 on He was not looking for a relationship, and I was home sick for a month and a half with mono. My illness, however, didn't prevent him from constantly asking ME to bring HIM ice cream! We shared snarky comments about the other lads in the room, and got to talking about work.

After hearing where I worked, he started naming off people that worked for my company... name after name after name. I started to sweat, trying to figure out just exactly WHO at my company I was talking to, until he told me that his company did work for my company and that he wasn't my co-worker.

We met for a drink at the Bellevue, WA Red Robin (which has since moved locations) on May 4th, 2001. We've been celebrating it as our anniversary date ever since.

I love you, Doug!

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