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Have you noticed the new trend with Celebrities? Seems like every month or so we're getting word of some new scandalous video tape, photo, or sock-puppet show. Threats of legal action if the material is ever exposed... a web site popping up to sell the material... and inevitably everyone able to download it from torrent sites.

Celebrity citizens, I have a simple solution for you. Stop recording your super-intimate moments, or at least take better care of the evidence. If you're banging a playboy bunny and want to film it, that's cool man -- just throw the damn tape in the fireplace after you towel off!

Are you in a rock band and thinking of sending naked photos to a chick you're trying to impress? Stop!! Don't do it! There is no way this scenario ends without your naughty bits flying all over the web!

And don't get me started on the blonde socialite...

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