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Though our press passes got lost in the mail (4th year in a row!) we'll have champagne in one hand and chocolate truffles in the other as we watch the festivities of the Oscars tonight. Luckily the show airs pretty early on the west coast, so we'll still be able to get our beauty sleep in before work tomorrow.

We watched Crash last night, and I have to admit I think it's a little more "Oscar-Friendly" than Brokeback Mountain... so I think that there's a good chance it'll take Best Picture.

Well, time to pop some popcorn and get ready to see what sort of Red Carpet disasters walk by this year... Ryan Seacrest is doing E!'s red carpet, right? That should be good for a little good-hearted heckling from us. :)

5:25pm -- The guy sitting next to Matt Dillon just winked at us!
5:55pm -- Nicole Kidman's escort/seatwarmer is very pretty... not handsome, really pretty
6:10pm -- Bring Back Dolly... though it looks like that tough crowd wasn't showing her the love enough.

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