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Entertainment Weekly's online body, featured an article this week on their Top 5 TV Crushes of 2005. While their list featured a duo of sexy chicas, let's make room on the list for the men! Not to be left in the dust, Hunk du Jour will now unveil our own list of 2005's TV crushes.

Josh Radnor#5 That one guy, How I Met Your Mother
Ok, so his name isn't really "that guy" and we aren't talking about Doogie (but hey... lookin' good, Doogie!) -- he's Josh Radnor who plays Ted. He's looking GREAT now -- though things must not go so well over the next two decades or so, as as future-narrator he sounds an awful lot like the Dad on Full House. (By the way, did you see Bob Saget on Huff? Scary!)

Mehcad Brooks#4 Mehcad Brooks, Desperate Housewives
Betty Applewhite's son, Matthew is a hottie. And I've found out he's 25 years old... I was feeling kinda skeevy watching him on TV thinking he was younger, but that shame has been alleviated. If it weren't for that gay kid being so evil, I'd totally be rooting for THOSE two to hook up, but Matthew's better off staying far away from that drama... or is he?

Julian McMahon#3 Julian McMahon, Nip/Tuck
Now personally, I can't watch Nip/Tuck... the surgical scenes just kinda creep me out. But sources close to me say that there's a big murder mystery happening on the show... and that Julian is totally hot. Scorching hot. Unbelievably hot. So, by popular word-of-mouth I have a honorary crush on him.

Anderson Cooper#2 Anderson Cooper, 360
Anderson can be trekking through the jungle, tied to a light post being whipped around by typhoon winds, or sitting on the can eating a sandwhich -- he'll always remain classy and completely sexy. He rocks silver hair like no one else can.

Josh Holloway#1 Josh Holloway, LOST
Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer... so mean, so misunderstood, so open-shirted every week... god bless ya. Really there are a few hotties to choose from on LOST (Did you see the chest on Jin while emerging from his love-tent after reuniting with Sun? NICE.) but he's won us over with his prickly charm and confident swagger.

For all you other television studs -- sorry you didn't make it on our list this year. Send me those private photos that have been rattling around on your laptop and maybe we can have a re-vote.

Check out EW.Com's article and comments for their picks, and leave comments here telling us who YOUR top 5 are.

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