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MandelMy friend Mandel is a television producer in Los Angeles. He and his friends are known for awesome themed parties & great game nights (one of which we were fortunate enough to join them for in 2001!) A reoccurring theme of their holiday parties has been their annual holiday performance or presentation.

Last year instead of performing live they filmed a short piece including a stop-animation sequence followed by an original music video named Keep Christmas Gay & Bright. These boys put their production skills up to the task and banded together for a very clever and amusing video.

Mandel's website and blog, is a great read for reality television news and gossip, and the occasional photo with celebrity. He's wild about But Can They Sing?, most game shows, has appeared on Match Game '90, and was one of the minds behind Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck.

Above all that, he's just an awesome guy. (...and I covet his new cell phone. Seriously.)

Mandel... we salute you!

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