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Brandon Routh as Superman

This is all vicious rumor and hearsay, but it's been spreading around the net like wildfire this week. It seems as if Superman Returns star Brandon Routh doesn't have any trouble filling out his Superman outfit at all, and that perhaps they'd be better sticking with waist-up shots.

The word on the street is that they're actually going back and digitally, erm... shrinking him. My money is on this tawdry rumor being churned up by man-lovin' Bryan Singer, director of the movie. What great buzz to have everyone takling about Brandon's crotch while there's such Brokeback fever going on? He knows how to get the ladies and gay men to the theater... though it didn't seem to do amazing things for Alexander.

Now that I'm thinking of it, the rumor doesn't sound so vicious after all... hey, did you hear how hunk du jour's Chris M is having to digitally alter all of his photos... yeah, apparently he has a huge... talent...

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