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We have a new site, but enjoy the Hunk du Jour Archives!

If you'd like to post one of the photos on your web site, blog, or myspace page:

  • Right click the photo you are interested in and select Save As...
  • In the filename box, type a name followed by .jpg (example: mariolopez.jpg )
  • Note: the filename step is important... you can't have an image ending in .asp!
  • Upload the photo to your personal webspace using your blog's own uploading tools, or consider using a free photo hosting service such as flickr or PhotoBucket.
  • Follow their instructions for how to generate the proper HTML to insert into your blog entry or forum posting.

    We regularly change the URLs of images on this site. If you've posted one of the site's photos on your web site without uploading it to your own server, the image will be replaced with a Hunk du Jour logo. (Since I'm paying the hosting bill I might as well get that free bit of advertising, yeah?)

    If you have questions or comments, you can reach me through the site.

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